Honey Park Shenzhen

Honey Park Shenzhen

(Xiangmi Park)

Shenzhen Parks

Shenzhen Parks are as good as any big city in China. There is so much choice and each park has its own unique features and offers something different. Some of the bigger and more popular Shenzhen parks are Shenzhen Talent Park and Linhuashan Park. These are both very big parks and offer fantastic views of the city skyline. However, today I will look at one of the smaller parks in the city and talk about what it has to offer, Honey Park…

About Honey Park

The Lake at Sunset

Honey Park is located in Futian Shenzhen. It is a fantastic little park in great condition and a perfect way to spend a morning, afternoon, or evening. It will take about an hour to walk around Honey Park without any breaks. If you do want to stop you can sit on the benches or the grass.

The key feature which sets this park apart in my opinion is the upper level walkway. This goes into the canopy and lights up at night. It leads on to a viewing platform which gives visitors a nice view of the Futian Shenzhen skyline. The park also includes some play areas for kids and sports pitches which are located on the Qiaoxiang Road side.

Entering near Qiaoxiang road

If you arrive at Xiangmi metro station then you will enter on the corner between Qiaoxiang Road and Xiangmihu Road. Once inside take a left and walk up the path until you reach the main path which you will continue to walk up past the sports pitches. There isn’t much to see at this end of the park other than the sports pitches, most of the beautiful scenery is located at the other end of the park.

Qiaoxiang Road Entrance

Enjoying the park

As mentioned there are two levels to the park, the lower path and the higher walkways. Once you have walked down the main path for two minutes you will come across the first entrance point for the higher walkway. After going up and following it road it will take you up into the green canopy. If you go after sunset it will light up blue, green, red, and orange.

The upper walkway lights up at night
The upper walkway towards the viewing platform

There are a few points for enjoying the view along the upper walkway. There is plenty of birdlife up in the canopy and I often notice photographers with long lenses shooting here. After walking for a short time you will come to some stairs. Continue forward to another set of stairs tucked away in the corner. After going up here you will arrive at the viewing platform which offers a very nice view of the Futian District skyline. In the foreground you see the greenery and in the middle is the old disused theme park which is located at just the other side of 1979.

After enjoying the view for a while you can take the stairs down back to the bottom level. As you continue walking towards the other end of the park you will come across the lake. It looks very nice particularly around sunset when the sun goes down on the far side of the lake. There are also some bridges and buildings with very nice architecture around the lake.

The view of Futian District from the viewing platform
Chengongmiao at blue hour by the lake

It is worth spending a short while here enjoying the area. On the far side of the lake you will see the newly built buildings of the Chegongmiao District. These light up after dark and provide a really nice backdrop to the lake for photographs. The rose garden is also at this side of the park. Many people stop here to take pictures, particularly female portrait shots seem to be popular. From here you can exit on this side and walk towards Nonglin metro station. However, if you want to spend longer in the park you can walk round in a circle and go back towards Xiangmi metro station.

Best Time to Go

At least an hour before sunset so you can enjoy the park in the daytime, however the upper level walkway and the views of Futian and Chegongmiao are great during blue hour.


Honey Park in Futian Shenzhen is certainly worth a visit. It is my local park and my personal favourite of all the Shenzhen Parks. Having only recently been built it is in great condition. It has many features worth seeing such as; artistic architecture, a lake, plants and flowers, insects and bird life, fantastic lighting, and awesome views. I would highly recommend a visit to this park if you live here, or are just visiting Futian Shenzhen.

Location and Getting there

Futian Shenzhen, Xiangmi Metro Station (Line 2)

To get there from Xiangmi metro station walk up Qiaoxiang Road, cross over Xiangmihu Road, and the entrance is a walkway ramp on the corner surrounded by trees.

While you’re here please check out my Travel Photography Portfolio! Have you been or do you intend to go to Honey Park in Futian Shenzhen? Did I miss anything? What is your favorite park? Leave me a comment below….

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